With most website solutions it's more cost effective to use something that is allready built if possible.  Though sometimes you may need to either change the way it works or build something completely custom from scratch to suit your requirements.  I offer custom development for the Gold Coast and throughout Australia.

With many years of programming experience and can do much more than most typical web designers can.

I have years of programming in a variety of languages and am comfortable making code changes within the code files.  Most web designers will have little experience with making in depth code changes to PHP files - and will mostly only want to change the HTML or CSS.  I am capable of getting my hands dirty in the core code files and changing the functionality to suit your needs.  WordPress is built with PHP but I do have experience with other languages (Java, C++, Python) if required.  

If you have a unique website or web application in mind then contact me today.

There are many types of websites that you may have in mind and can be cheaper to build than you think provided that you are flexible in how specific features work.  These can include :

  • Social Networking Websites (ie : FB type site / Dating Site )
  • Forums
  • Classified / Listing Site
  • Directory Site
  • Auction Site

Custom WordPress Theme and Plugin Development for the Gold Coast.

You may also be interested in building a website that cannot be built using a pre-existing platform such as WordPress.  I have experience in building completely custom web application with a database using frameworks such as Codeignitor (PHP), Yii (PHP) and Django (Python).  Using a Framework allows you to have complete freedom in bringing your web application ideas to life - though this sort of work can not be done cheaply and will cost several thousand at a minimum.

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