If you want to sell goods or services through your website then you need an Ecommerce website. I recommend using Woocommerce which is an add on to WordPress and is a powerful yet easy to use platform allow you to sell through your website. WooCommerce is the most widely used platform on the internet for building an online store. The reason for this is that it is easy to manage (unlike platforms such as Magento), yet still has a huge amount of add on functionality that can be added on if required.

Powerful and easy to manage online stores.

Some people want a basic website and do the marketing themseleves to keep costs down to a minimum while others might have a larger budget and want an online business with a variety of additional features as well as having me involved in the online marketing and pushing up the Google rankings with continuous SEO and social media work.  I can tailor a solution to meet your needs and budget.

The basics of how the online store will function is that users will add products to their cart, then they can checkout and make payment. Payment is usually made through Paypal (though there are other options), and the user can pay through their Paypal account directly or use a credit/debit card and paypal will be the processor.

Add extra functionality as you grow your ecommerce business.

Once a customer places their order then the store owner will recieve an email letting them know that a user has placed an order. The orders are also available to see in the backend/admin side of the site which the owner will have access.

Here are some interesting features that could be added to a shopping cart (that probably cost less than you think).

Affiliate Program - You can set up an affiliate program to help with your marketing. You can give other website owners an incentive to link to your website so that if a customer arrives at your site from their website then that website owner will recieve a commission of your choosing on the sale.

Live chat on website - Gives you the ability to let your customers know that you are online and they will be able to ask you any questions they may have so that you can help them make that purchase.

Ebay Synchronisation - List your products on Ebay automattically after adding them to your shop, this way if you wish to also sell through Ebay then you can save time and not have to list them seperately.

Wholesale / Special customer discounts - Discount for specific customers such as your wholesale customers.

Special pricing rules - Several rules can be setup to give discounts based on a variety of factors (product combinations in cart / total purchase amount / customer location / etc)

3d product rotating display - Let your users see the whole product in 3d.

Coupon Codes - Setup coupons for special discounts.

File downloads / virtual products - Sell things like Ebooks or Audio files through your website. Once the user purchases the item then they will have access to a special download link.

Label printing - Bulk print out address labels to save you time printing them individually

There are many more great addons that are extremely useful and quite affordable to add to your site.  Contact me today and we can come up with a plan for your online store.