• How much for a website ?
    Understandably this is something that everyone wants to know. However every website is different and everyone has a different idea of how the end product should look and function. The best bet is to just contact me and I can give you a quote. As a general rule of thumb building a 'standard' website is much cheaper than building something that may have custom functionality that is specific to your website. Likewise it depends on how much internet marketing work you would like done on the site.
  • Why choose me ?
    I focus on giving a very high level of service for a relatively low cost. I have a wide variety of price ranges because I do believe there are a variety of different options that I can provide and will suit your needs the best and can also help you with building your 'Online Business' rather than just building a website.
  • How do I get on the first page of Google ?
    Google has complex algorithms that rank websites according to many, many factors. The one thing is that it is not easy to get a high ranking quickly and takes sustained effort. Because being on a top spot is so valuable it is also highly competitive. The things that you can do to help your ranking are : keyword research to make sure you are going after the right search terms, create good, original content, Social media postings, link building, and onsite optimisation.
  • What is a mobile responsive website and why is it important ?
    Mobile responsive means that the layout of the site will change depending on the width of the users screen on whatever device they are viewing the site on. Websites that are not optimised for mobile and tablets will struggle to achieve high rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Because so much search is happening through mobile browsing, Google wants to ensure that users have a good experience visiting websites that they list highly, and that's why it's important to make sure your website is mobile friendly. In 2015, sites not optimized for mobile will struggle to achieve or maintain search visibility. Google, Yahoo, and Bing now give priority to mobile-friendly sites, while sites that aren’t optimized may experience a negative impact in their rankings. To compete, it’s important that your mobile website has the same content, search features, and level of design and usability as your desktop version. To that end, we recommend speaking to your web design company about adopting responsive web design to ensure your website performs optimally on any device – including mobile.
  • This website lets me build my own website for free, or a few dollars. Why not use that ?
    There are many options like this available out there. They usually show fairly nice looking samples, though when it comes time to actually doing it, people generally have a much tougher time actually doing it, sometimes spending days or weeks working on it and the end result is usually not great. The same is true of building a site yourself using any CMS (wordpress includeded) . Although it's not rocket science there are many parts to building a website effectively and a lot of knowledge is required. If you have electrical problems in your home typically you dont want to spend all your day figuring out the issues and how to fix it, your time would be better spent working on what you do best and getting an electrician to sort it out, your time is valuable and typically can be spent doing something you specialise in that will bring you more $$. I'm usually quite surprised that many business owners who have spent alot of money on their business and sometimes spends several thousand a month in rent but want to build their own website, spending their valuable time on something that they don't specialise in and usually the end result is a poor quality website. If you are spending thousands of dollars per month on rent or other expenses then why not spend a relatively small amount on getting a professional quality website done and also getting expert advice regarding related areas such as internet marketing, etc.