Here is a rough guideline for the different prices I offer.  Beware of businesses who charge less than this as you most likely will simply not see results.  My prices are extremely competitive and I want to create lasting relationships with my clients.  The sorts of prices listed below are the lowest prices that I feel will lead to actual results.

SEO ( improve organic rankings over time )

There are 3 main categories you could roughly place a websites SEO needs into :

1.  A business targeting extremely localised business or is particularly niche area with little competition.

A good example would be a Thai restaurant in, say Robina on the Gold Coast.  Now when some people want to eat Thai they might search “Gold Coast Thai Food” or similar, but I think most would be more specific and if they live in the Robina area they will search for something like ” Robina Thai restaurant” .  There might be 3 -5 Thai restaurants in Robina so getting a top spot wont be too difficult.  Likewise a very niche business might be “Pet cremations”, people in need of such a service would be most likely to use the larger geographical term, ie “Gold Coast”, but because there are likely so few businesses offering this service, they will still show up high in Google search results fairly easily.

Businesses like this could probably get by with a one off SEO service that would involve things like :

  • Setting up a Google business account and getting listed on Google maps
  • SEO onsite optimisation (make sure the pages a optimised to target likely search terms)
  • Create social media accounts
  • Submit XML sitemap to Google and ensure Google / Bing / Yahoo is able to crawl your website
  • Submit to online local directories.
  • Image optimization

For many businesses that are this type of business and don’t want to spend alot, I can offer a one time package where I do all of these things required to give you a very solid base to start off from.  I am able to do these things for roughly $300 – $500 depending on the website.  I could also do monthly work after that for $100 – $200 if you wished to further keep pushing the site up on the listings (create new links back to your site every month , write some social media posts, perhaps make some blog posts, etc).

2. A business targeting a wider geographical area and offering a not so niche product or service

A good example of this could be something like “Gold Coast Limousine service” , because people would generally not include their suburb in their search.  A limousine company wanting to get a top spot on organic search terms would therefore basically be competing with all limousine companies over the Gold Coast and it would therefore be much tougher to get a good position.

What I could offer for this type of site is doing the work listed above + to actually see results it would take more consistent work weekly to have a good chance of having many first page listings within 6 months.  I would recommend $500 + or so per month to actually see results within this sort of time frame.

3.  A business targeting an even wider geographical area and a product/service that is in a competitive industry

An example of this could be a business selling Jeans throughout Australia.  Many businesses do this so it will take a real commitment for such a business to actually see many first page listings.  It will take a concentrated general marketing effort and will need to involve all the things mentioned above but also :

  • Possibly daily social media postings that will be interesting and get people engaged (ie : Liking / commenting / sharing, etc).
  • Regular blog posts and trying to get reviews / articles posted on other relevant websites.
  • Thinking outside of the box to try and get exposure however possible.

I would recommend spending $1000 + per month to achieve results in a reasonable time frame.  Anything less and you would be better off not having an SEO campaign and spending those $ on ad words or other paid marketing.

Paid marketing campaigns ( get visitors quickly via Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc)

Managing paid marketing campaigns for most small business is generally more straight forward than SEO.  What is involved is :

  • Deciding on what platform/s would best suit your business to spend your marketing $ on.
  • Creating / writing several different advertisements to get people to make the click
  • Setting up conversion tracking so you can get information on where the best place to spend your $ is
  • Setting up the campaigns (perhaps running multiple versions to test)
  • Each week or month seeing how things are going and making appropriate optimisations to improve you ROI

For this type of service I would be charging something in the vicinity of $50 – $200 per month, and you might have a budget for Google Adwords or Facebook of $200 – $1000 per month.

Anyway, that’s a rough guide to the sorts of services I can offer and a rough price range.  For further info feel free to contact me for a no pressure chat.