If you need instant traffic to your website fast then you may want to invest in paid online advertising. The most popular ways of advertising are probably Google Adwords and Facebook paid marketing, but there are many other places you can invest some $$ also. Every business is different and you want to focus on maximising your ROI of your marketing dollars.

What is Google Adwords and how does it work

Adwords is the Google paid advertising model, these are separate from the organic search results. When a user does a search on Google typically the first few links shown will be paid ads, likewise are the sidebar links, and also sometimes there are a few more links at the bottom.

Google derives income from these ads by using the pay per click method, and the price for each click varies. Paying per click does mean that you are theoretically only paying for actual visits to your website, so the number of people the ad is shown to does not effect.

Each time a user clicks on your ad to visit your website, you will pay google a few dollars.

When a user types in a search term, google decides whether the search term matches any of the keywords that you are targeting, if so then a sort of ‘auction’ will occur between the various businesses that are targeting the keyword. Even with paid ads, Google actually does not merely select who’s paying the most, but because they still want users to be shown ads that actually matches what they are looking for so where your ad is shown (amongst the paid ads) and if it is shown depends on the relevancy your website has to the keyword and the maximum price you will pay per click, though the actual price you end up paying for the click may be less than this. You will actually pay the minimum possible to beat out the competition (like an ebay auction works), though usually this will probably be fairly close to the google suggested bid for the particular keyword as most keywords are fairly competitive.

Is adwords right for your business ?

For many businesses adwords is very effective and gives a good return on investment, but as costs can quickly spiral if you are not careful, care needs to be taken to make sure you are doing the best possible to ensure that you are only paying for the right sort of clicks and right kind of visitors.
You want make sure the money spent will lead to real conversions for your company. It’s usually better at the start at least to be as specific as possible with your keyword targeting as you will likely get a better return on investment

PROS of using adwords :

Get traffic to your website quickly

Cons of adwords:

Still can be difficult to compete with the big companies as they have much more $ to throw at their campaigns

What is Facebook advertising and how does it work

With Facebook you can pay to promote for business with ad placements and promoted posts throughout Facebook.  The good part of this is that because Facebook knows a lot about it’s users including their age, gender, location, likes, etc – you can focus your marketing efforts on only targeting the users that you believe will be the most likely to want your product or service.  With Facebook you generally pay a small amount for each impression (every time your ad shows up).

With all forms of online paid advertising, there is a whole lot to know and learn and you are likely better off paying an expert unless you have a huge amount of time to invest.

If you want help in creating and running a paid advertising campaign or just to find out more then contact me today.